Rouart exposed in Nancy

The Rouart : a family of artists and collectors

The RouartAt the Museum of Fine Arts, around d’Henri Rouart (1833-1912), collector, friend of Edgar Degas, from Manet , Berthe Morisot and painter himself, There's the pictorial adventure of a family.

Already as a young, He shows talent for drawing and receives advice of COROT and MILLET. After brilliant studies at Louis the great, He joined Polytechnic. His prosperous career of industrialist allows it to build an important collection of works of art that invades his mansion street of Lisbon from 1860.

From 1883, He is also dedicated to painting and exhibited regularly with the Impressionists. His son Ernest (1874-1942) also between Polytechnique to take over the family business of the Rouart but he turned very quickly to the paint. Studious pupil of Degas, he learned by copying the masters and visiting the major museums of Europe.
He married Julie Manet, the only daughter of Berthe Morisot and niece of Édouard Manet.
The grandson of Henri, Augustin (1907-1997) develops with courage and tenacity, an artistic personality who own, far from the impressionism that reigns within the family Rouart, He paints what he sees at a time where triumph abstraction, it clings to a classical pathway, returning to the tradition and drawing. It will be close to Maurice Denis - a modern years 30- . 130 Works gathered exceptionally in Nancy to discover a century and a half of history: from Impressionism to magic realism
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